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Here's a list of records that I have reviewed. Explanation of the ranking system (based on "stars") follows at the bottom of this page. If you would like to submit a review, that's fine too! Just mail me.

There are also small samples of the songs inside the reviews. They are not picked out as the "best" tracks or "best" parts in said tracks, but merely as something that gives a little colour to the reviews. The best tracks I often don't sample at all, so as to leave the joy of discovery to you should you decide to buy the albums.

Music Reviews: Index

Music Reviews: Short reviews

Here's a list of shorter, less-detailed reviews of some albums I've written about in main page newsposts, but haven't gotten around to scanning covert art or providing samples, or generally just haven't had the time or energy to create a detailed look into the record.

***** *In a Commandant Lassard voice* "A very, very, very good album." Seriously, this means that the album is better than Fentanyl, and I would rather part with my left arm than this album.
**** A remarkable album. I loved just about every minute of it and revere it greatly.
*** A thoroughly enjoyable album that has moments of absolute genious but also a few lapsing moments.
** An overall fine album, but one that may lack that special something that would put it clearly above the rest.
* An album that did not fit my taste very well. It may have redeeming qualities but they aren't impressive enough to keep the entire album afloat. You may or may not like it - buyer beware.

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