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Main Source codes

The core of the site is broken up into the index, which processes the colour profiles, calls headers and footers, declares generic functions and prints the requested content in between. (This is a crude template system). Here are the source codes for the relevant pages. All of these are loaded with every request.

The core template
The colour theme implementation
Generic Functions-script
Header (the sidebar)
Footer (the bottoms cells of the main table)

Content Page Sources

What follows is an automated dump of scripts in the /content/ directory of this site, with short comments where available.

news_old.php <!-- NEWS (OBSOLETE) -->
download_mod.php <!-- DOWNLOAD VIEWER -->
news.php <!-- NEWS -->
ogglist.php No description.
hireme.php <!-- CONTRACT JOBS -->
test.php <!-- MENU TEST PAGE -->
demodir_recent.php No description. <!-- PAGE NOT FOUND -->
oneliner_mod.php <!-- ONELINER ADMIN PANEL -->
music.php <!-- MUSIC SECTION -->
me.php <!-- ABOUT ME -->
asm03.php <!-- ASM03 SECTION -->
images.php <!-- IMAGE BROWSER -->
retrieve.php No description.
bad_ip.php <!-- IP ERROR -->
subdomains.php <!-- SUBDOMAINS -->
poll.php <!-- RESULTS OF ALL POLLS -->
login_mod.php <!-- SITE USERS MODERATION -->
words.php <!-- WORDS -->
styler.php <!-- THEME WORKSHOP -->
code.php No description.
abuse.php <!-- PAGE NOT FOUND -->
links.php No description.
site_recoverpassword.php <!-- SITE LOGIN PASSWORD RECOVERY -->
poll_mod.php <!-- POLL ADMIN PANEL -->
src.php <!-- SOURCE CODE STUFF -->
kanit.php <!-- PAGE NOT FOUND -->
games.php <!-- GAMES SECTION -->
now.php No description.
myportal.php <!-- MYPORTAL -->
userthemes.php <!-- USER-CREATED THEME LIST -->
site_register.php <!-- SITE REGISTRATION -->
download_tracker.php <!-- DOWNLOAD TRACKER -->
myportal_advanced.php <!-- ADVANCED USER INDEX -->
oneliner.php <!-- ONELINER ARCHIVE -->
disclaimer.php <!-- DISCLAIMER -->
filesubmit.php <!-- QUICK FILE SUBMIT -->

Other Script Sources

Similar to the above, but from the directory /scripts/. The principal difference between these scripts and the content scripts is that these generally don't have user interfaces and often act as form processors.

quick_upload.php No description.
ratings.php No description.
poll.php No description.
passwordreset.php No description.
sitelogin.php <!-- SITE USER UTILITY FUNCTIONS -->
globals.php No description.
counter.php No description.
src.php No description.
now.php <!-- FORM PROCESSOR -->
myportal.php No description.
download.php <!-- DOWNLOAD COUNTER -->
oneliner.php No description.
rss_update.php No description.
downloadtracker.php No description.

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