Please excuse me while I dance
posted by Saboteur on 20.10.2019 21:47

Killjoy by Fox Stevenson is out and it is straight fire. A heart eyes emoji is woefully insufficient to describe my love for this album, it has simply had me swooning. And dancing. In my bedroom, sure why not. And also maaaybe going a little too hard on the volume in the car, I doubt my ears are thanking me. I don't know what pact with the devil mr. Fox has made to be able to create these wicked basslines but whatever the case, they're out there for all our benefit. Don't let his sacrifice be in vain, blast this album as loud as you responsibly can.

A lot of emotion packed within too, as you'd expect from any music that I fanboy over this hard. Time being at a premium, I will leave the post at this - it just had to be said!

Also, do message me on twitter or insta (yes, it's supposed to be blank) if you are going to the Korsakov Weekender in Rotterdam Nov 1st, I would love to hear from others who will be there!
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posted by Saboteur on 12.10.2019 12:37

The site has been moved to an SSL-enabled server, and all requests should now be served only via a secure connection. Pageloads might be slower due to lower specs on the new server, and a few things might be outright broken if I haven't gotten to patching things up yet. Drop me an email or write in the oneliner for any concerns. Thanks!
Iris is back!
posted by Saboteur on 18.09.2019 00:34

Did you know that Iris is back? No? You're welcome!

They're in top form, too, so you should go get your synthpop fix post haste!
posted by Saboteur on 21.02.2019 23:30

So many months and not as much as a peep out of me, huh? Well.

Had you kept you ear to the playlist, you'd have known which tunes I've been blasting all through last year. So many great tunes, makes me happy just seeing the titles as I'm writing this and reviewing. Just so you know, I don't keep an update schedule on either of the lists but it looks like they tend to get something cycled through biweekly, on average.

Speaking of, something very specific did prompt me to remember this blog-like thing and inexplicably use it to endorse things that I thoroughly enjoyed. Just on the off chance that maybe some of it makes you happy, too. I doubt I'm that much of a unique snowflake that I could possibly be the only person on the planet to like, or even love these things, right?

The specific thing, this time, has something to do with Fox Stevenson. Yes, again. Somewhere between the time of that post and early 2018, there was actually a significant period of time when I didn't connect with his work very much at all. "Flash" being a notable exception from that period. Back in early '18 things took a turn again and there were some completely delightful releases, which cleared the FOTM hurdle with margin to spare. Since then, things seem to be just getting better, too!

Yeah, yeah - I'm getting to it, the specific thing. Here! Here it is. Are you happy now? No, seriously - did you listen to it? Did it make you happy? The Fox is staging one hell of a comeback. This is what I wanted you to hear tonight.

But now that I got to writing, why stop at that? I'm not going to try to make up for lost time and rewind (if you'll excuse the choice of word) all of 2018 in a single post. But a young talent, earlier known for the moniker nanobii should deserve a special mention, as he's been kind enough to share some lovely, wonderful thoughts with us. And I don't mind making it known that I'm heartfeltly grateful to him for that. I'll be watching his career with great interest.

And, there's one other thing. Subnautica. This will be old news to a great many of you, but for anyone reading that didn't play it yet, I want to pose some questions to you.

Do you think you might enjoy exploring a painstakingly handcrafted wondrous alien world in a survival/horror setting? Before you say "no" when I also mention "open world" and "crafting", you should know that "open ended" is not among the list of further keywords. Subnautica is a breathtakingly immersive experience which is to no small extent carried by sound design that is nothing short of genius. But I would not be gushing over this game if it was just a sandbox, even if that would be an immersive and beautiful sandbox. The fact that the game has a story and conclusion is what made it stick with me - and I guess that's all I can say without spoiling it. Do yourself a favor and don't google yourself into spoilers for the game, and you'll stand a very good chance of having an extraordinary time with it.

Alright now, that was a lot of words. Back to Civilization VI: Gathering Storm now!
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