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Here are some subdomains that may or may not have something to do with me.

  • Diet:

    The low-fat version of It's the same shit in a different package, made for mobile/PDA/Lynx audiences.

  • forums:

    Discussion boards that may or may not have something to do with this domain or its subdomains.

  • Images:

    An image browser.

  • Legacy of Able:

    Legacy of Able (previously is a browser-based somewhat non-graphical multiplayer game. It's basically Legend Of the Red Dragon (and LORD2) brought into the internet, hence I call it Legacy of Able. Very, very early beta - but you CAN play it. Send feedback if you do!

  • Class Scheduler:

    A fully featured and automated system for creating, upkeeping and printing your class schedule easily. Targeted for Arkadia Upper Secondary School students, modifications for other schools may be possible on demand.

  • Nostalgia!:

    This is what used to look like way back in the day. Please read this newspost to learn more about this subdomain.

  • Rahastosalkkupalvelu:

    Only available in Finnish. It's a service for Finnish investment fund investors that tracks their investments and gives statistics about their portfolio.

  • Khaz Modan Alliance:

    A community website for my World of Warcraft guild.

  • Asema:

    An unfinished artsy project about photographing railway stations. Created in 2004 but basically abandoned. Domain changed from to on 29 May 2008.

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